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I love our church.  It is full of people who care about each other.  Now don't get me wrong!  The church is not full by any means.  We have lots of room but the people who are here care about each other and they are mindful of their spiritual journey.  This may sound a little weird but I do not want us to get too comfortable.  Our community has a lot of people who are looking for some way to fill the whole in their lives and it is our mission to offer them what we have. 

Yesterday was Sunday and Sherry and I also went to the service in Albia.  I enjoy going to Albia but I am really worn out afterwards.  Tomorrow, Sherry and I leave for my appointment at Mayo clinic.  I am apprehensive about the whole thing but if there is something that can be done for this darn leg of mine I want to know. 

Many of you have said you are praying for me and I thank you.

Fr. Fred

It is unlikely I will be able to post until we get back.

Down the Rabbit Hole

I really struggled at writing the sermon this week.  The Gospel reading was about Jesus asking "who do they say that I am?"  His disciples respond with several names and then Peter says, "You are the Christ, the son of the living God."  Jesus goes on to say, "upon this rock I will build my church" and then he says,  "whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."  It has always troubled me that Jesus gave so much authority to disciples whom he was still very clearly worried about.  These were men Jesus repeatedly said were lacking in the faith department. 

When I got home I mentioned my difficulty to Sherry and she said, "Why don't you talk about what Jesus means to you."  So I am.

The rabbit hole I am referring to is the whole apostolic succession thing and Peter as the first pope and the heated conversations on these topics that have erupted over the centuries.  I wish Jesus would just come back and tell us what he meant.  He could say, "No, I never said that!" Or, "This is what I was trying to get across and you guys have blown it all out of proportion."

I decided not to go down those two rabbit holes.  At least not today.

Fr. Fred 

Dog Days of Summer

It has been a very good summer as far as the weather goes.   We have only needed our air conditioning for brief periods but I am afraid we are entering into the dog days of summer.  I looked it up.  Apparently the dog days got its name from the Romans.  They observed that the dog star Sirius was close to the sun at dawn during this time of year so they blamed Sirius for the heat.  It makes all kind of sense to me.

Tomorrow is also my birthday.  I turn 65 and I have formally been welcomed into the Medicare club by several well wishers. Sigh....

We have a new refrigerator at the church.  Actually it is our old refrigerator which Sherry and I are donating.  I am sure it has many years of use left in it.  So I guess Sherry and I are the ones with the new refrigerator.

I was at St. Andrew's yesterday at the time the Dipsy Dabblers (artist group) were meeting.  I had a wonderful visit with one of those present and she and I talked about all kinds of things.  The subject of prayer came up and we both agreed there are many types of prayer.  Most people think of petitioning prayer when they define it and she asked me if walking through a field and listening to nature would be considered prayer.  I said absolutely!  I told her I believe people need to spend less time telling God how things ought to be and more time just listening. 

Keep on praying.

Fr. Fred