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One of my favorite bits of humor: 


A poster read: "God is dead" - Nietzche.
The graffiti underneath read: "Nietzche is dead" - God

A lot of people, especially those who do not attend a church, think religion is dark and serious and even a little threatening.  I was raised Roman Catholic and I remember as a child being pretty certain that if I died I would go to hell.  Yes, I was a major sinner at the age of eight.  I am a much better sinner today but I see God as more forgiving than he must have been back then.

I don't believe much hell fire and damnation preaching is going on these days.  Maybe I have been an Episcopalian so long that I am not so aware of it.  Anyway, I am pretty sure God loves you and me even though we do have a wart or two.

A friend of mine Sandy Stump passed away Tuesday evening.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Fr. Fred

A Friend in Need

October 30, 2014

A dear friend of ours fell last Saturday and broke her hip.   Dru is one of the pillars in this community.  She is involved in so many organizations in Chariton and she does not just belong, she is active.  When Sherry and I visited her on Monday her first concern was making sure everything was running smoothly with these various organizations.  There is a possibility she may be returning to Chariton to recuperate at the local hospital.  Dru remains in our prayers.

The furnace at our house quit working last night and when I went to turn it on manually it made this rattle and bang that was just a little scary. Surprisingly (maybe miraculously) the house temp only dropped four degrees overnight. The furnace people are on their way.

Today is another counseling day for the couple who are getting married in December.  We have had some very productive sessions and my hope is that it will make a difference in their married life.

Also, at 5:30 this evening we will gather for evening prayer.  All are welcome!

Fr. Fred

Beautiful Fall

It is a beautiful fall day today.  The leaves on the trees have changed color and are beginning to fall (hence the term Fall) and it is a balmy 70 degrees out.  Both services were a joy to be a part of today.
And, I took a nap this afternoon.  Life is great!  Praise God!!

I shared with our congregation this week's Episcopal Convention.  It is a great way to recharge your spiritual batteries.  I got re-acquainted with many old friends and played catch up.  I was happy to see Sam Felderman in the choir for the final service at the cathedral.  He is getting around using a cane and he looks as healthy as ever. 

A lot of videos were shown during the convention.  They showcased the activity in our diocese.  All over the state, churches are operating food banks, feeding people, organizing community gardens and so much more.  It made me proud to be a part of a church that is doing so much good for so many.

In his keynote address Jack Jezreel emphasized how churches have a rhythm of gathering people and then sending them out to do God's work.  He also stressed that churches generally are very good at the gathering part of that rhythm.  We have church services, potlucks, bake sales, rummage sales, bible study and Sunday school.   What we are not so good at is sending.  We prefer the safety of our churches.  He reminded us that Jesus spent little time in synagogues and a whole lot of time on the road preaching and healing and mixing with people. If we are the hands and feet of Christ, then we should do the same.
last year's convention

Fr. Fred