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Documents from the 1900 Cornerstone

The following series of documents, now in the parish archives, were prepared by members and clergy of St. Andrew's to be placed in the cornerstone of the parish's second building, laid 24 April 1900. The cornerstone was opened during 1955 as that building was being demolished and its contents found to be remarkably well preserved.

Here is an account of the cornerstone's placement as published on Page 1 of The Chariton Democrat of Thursday, April 26, 1900:


Ceremonies Conducted by The Rt. Rev.
Theodore N. Morrison, Bishop of Iowa

The corner stone of St. Andrew's Episcopal church was laid on Tuesday afternoon, April 24, 1900, at 4:30 o'clock, by Bishop Morrison of this diocese, assisted by Rev. Hewitt of Albia, and Rev. W.V. Whitten and Rev. Joseph A.
Russell of this city. The office for the laying of the corner stone was carried out as follows:

Processional Hymn
Responsive reading
Repeating of 84th Psalm
The Lord's Prayer
Laying of the corner stone
Reading of a list of deposits
Repeating of Nicene Creed
Address by Rev. W.V. Whitten and Bishop Morrison
Hymn 275
The Blessing
Recessional hymn

The following is a list of the articles deposited in the corner stone: Copy of Chariton Democrat, photos of the interior and exterior of the old building, copy of Burlington Hawkeye, list of pupils, teachers and officers in the Sunday school, list of church communicants, memorandum in memory of Miss McCormick, Columbian half dollar, penny of the year 1867, the date of the origin of the parish, penny of 1900, the year the ground was broke for the new church, half dollar of 1899, brief history of the church, including the names of the virst vestrymen and wardens, and the present vestrymen and wardens; list of clergy who have ben succesively in charge of the church; photos of some of the church members; copy of the corner stone service.

When completed St. Andrew's church will be one of the finest edifices in this part of the state and will be a structure of which the citizens of Chariton and Lucas County may well feel proud.

Brief History
S. Andrew's Parish, Chariton, Lucas Co.
Oganized June 13, 1867

This two-page document, which seems to be in the hand of Jessie (Mallory) Thayer, is not dated but like others was prepared for placement in the cornerstone of the new St. Andrew's Church on 24 April 1900.

Members of First Vestry:
Edward T. Edginton, C.W. Kitteredge,
H. Heed, R.Q. Tenn(e)y, S.H. Mallory
E.B. Woodward.

Aug. 5th, '67
E.T. Edginton Sr. Warden, E.E. Edwards, Junior Warden

Sep. 2, '67
J.W. Wilkerson was chosen upon the Vestry.

With these men were intimately associated in the church work the following named women, viz: Mrs. Amanda T. Alexander, Mrs. Laura E. Woodward, Miss Margaret M. McCormick, Mrs. Anna Louise Mallory, Mrs. C. W. Kitteredge.

Soon appear the names of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Rheem, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. (sic) Temple, Dr. and Mrs. Gibbon.

The names of many of these remain in the church records all through the early days, some to this present time, some being found among the "Burials" in these records.

Following are the names of those who were in the work at time of organization and who still remain to give thier most earnest and able support in the building of this new church: Miss Margaret M. McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Mallory.

Mr. Woodward was brought here for burial on Thursday, Feby. 10th, 1898. Mrs. Woodward resides in Georgia but is still interested in this parish. Mr. Temple resides in Des Moines but still has a deep interest in this S. Andrew's.

Between these early days and this present time there have been many persons identified with this parish and its work. The following is a list of the present Vestry: S.H. Mallory, Sr. Warden, O.A. Haugland ..... (document ends).

The following document consisting of six handwritten pages seems to be a continuation of the previous two-page document, but has been affected by moisture in the cornerstone that has caused the ink to bleed.

The names of the present Vestry are S. H. Mallory, Sr. Warden, O. A. Hougland, Jr. Warden, W.H. Dewey, John K. Householder, F. R. Crocker, George Deming, F.Q. Stuart.

A list of the communicants at this date, April 24th, 1900:

1. Miss Margaret M. McCormick
2. Mr. Smith Henderson Mallory
3. Mrs. Anna Louise Mallory
4. Mrs. Jessie Mallory Thayer
5. Mrs. H.C. Underhill (Harriet C., married to William H.)
6. Mrs. Jennie E. Russell
7. Mrs. Delia A. Storie
8. Mrs. M. J. Hatcher (Mary J., married to William F.)
9. Mr. John K. Householder
10. Mrs. Maggie Householder
11. Mrs. Lillian Butts
12. Mr. Oren Alonzo Hougland
13. Mrs. Ida H. Hougland
14. Miss Daisie Houghland
15. Mrs. Hattie Klingner
16. Miss Susan B. Tuell
17. Mrs. Minnie E. Crocker
18. Guilford Crocker
19. Mr. Lattie Wood
20. Mrs. ( ) Wood
21. Mrs. Sara Stuart
22. Miss Louise Stuart
23. Theodore Stuart
24. Fredr'k Wolcott Householder
25. Ernest Degare Householder
26. Miss Vernon Adelia Householder
27. Miss Dora Leona Householder
28. Miss Ethel Minnie Wiley
29. Miss Harriet Townsend Blake
30. Mr. G.J. Stuart
31. Miss Josephine Millan
32. Miss Josie Swift
33. Miss Louise Gleason
34. Mr. Walter H. Dewey
35. Mrs. Lambertson
36. Miss Melissa Lambertston
37. Mrs. Bert Rose (Swett)
38. Miss Elizabeth Brant
39. Miss Edith Brant
40. Miss Lola Florence Maple
41. Miss Margaret Maple
42. Miss Ida Hickman
43. Mrs. Beck
44. Mrs. Katherine Rumsey
45. Miss Willie Blanche Hollinger
46. Mrs. George Bonnett
47. Miss Laura A. Simpson
48. Miss Ida Hunter
49. Miss Martha Stuart
50. Mr. Graham Stuart
51. Mr. Loyd Penick
52. Miss Ethel Whitten
53. Mrs. Letitia A. Whitten
54. Mrs. Harrison
55. Miss Ira Irene Harrison
56. Mrs. Birdie McCormick
57. Miss Susanna Lewis Wright
58. Mrs. Matilda J. Calahan
59. Miss Anna Louise McCormick
60. Miss Mattie Conway McCormick
61. Mrs. L.F. Maple
62. Mrs. Jennie Anderson
63. Mrs. Minnie Bailey
64. Mrs. Annie G. Copeland
65. Mr. Clement McCullough
66. Mr. Grant Stuart
67. Miss Jessie Kopenhaffer
68. Mr. John Newsome
69. Mrs. ( ) Newsome

Names of Rectors Serving
S. Andrew's Parish, Chariton, Iowa

The Rev. Isaac P. Labaugh, Sept. 2, 1867 to Dec. 1869
Built first church on present site and died while incumbent.
The Rev. Charles H. Canfield, Jan. 2, 1870 to (blank)
The Rev. C.B. Stout, for a few weeks summer of 1871
The Rev. J. Portmess, December 1871 to Aug. 25, 1872
The Rev. Wm. A Colegrove (Deacon), Aug. 25, 1872 to Oct. 1874
The Rev. R. Trewartha, June 15, 1875 to June 1876
The Rev. J.A. Russell, June 15, 1876 to Dec. 15, 1879
The Rev. John Quick, Archdeacon, served 3 months, 1880
The Rev. James L. Strong, Nov. 1880 to June 1881
The Rev. Peter Clark Wolcott, Aug. 7, 1881, to May 1st, 1883
The Rev. Bradford R. Kirkbride, June 1883 to Oct. 1883
The Rev. Geo. Fred'k Degan, Nov. 19, 1883, to July 15, 1885
The Rev. J.A. Russell, recalled, Apr. 1886 to April 10, 1887
The Rev. F. Duncan Jaudon, June 1, 1888, to Mch. 1, 1891
The Rev. W.V. Whitten, Apr. 10, 1892. Present incumbent
April 24, 1900

August 7th 1894
M.V. Whitten, Rector
Moved into new rectory

Oct. 10th 1894: Service of dedication of Rectory. Presented to the Parish by Miss M.M. McCormick.

By the will of Mrs. E.E.F. Hammer, formerly Mrs. Fulkerson, who died January 30th 1896, S. Andrew's Sunday School had a bequest of $500.00.

And the Parish was made residuary legatee by which something over $11,000.00 has been realized to the parish. By this money to the parish was made possible to build this present structure, the cornerstone being laid by the Rt. Rev. T.N. Morrison, Bishop of Iowa, on this 24th day of April 1900.

At a meeting of the Vestry held (blank), the Rev. J.A. Russell was made rector emeritus which office he still fills.

Names of Officers
Teachers and Pupils
Of St. Andrew's Sunday School
April 24, 1900


Mrs. Jessie Mallory Thayer
Mr. O.A. Hoagland

Willie Blanche Hollinger

Rev. W.V. Whitten
Mrs. Mallory
Miss Tuell
Miss McCormick
Miss Louise Stuart
Miss Mattie M. McCormick
Mrs. Whitten
Miss Blake
Miss Martha Stuart


Mrs. Branner, Mrs. Dewey, Mrs. Stuart, Mrs. Householder, Miss Millan, Mrs. Merrill, Mr. Merrill, Mr. Mallory.

Clare McCullough, Josie Swift, Nettie Spencer, Susie Wright, DaisyHougland, Louise Gleason, Ethel Whitten, Guilford Crocker, Ernest Householder, Charles Smith, Ralph Householder, Dell Stuart.

Fred Householder, Clement McCullough, Theodore Stuart, Grant Stuart, Howard Copeland.

Jessie Crocker, Dorothy McCullough, Marie McCullough, Letitia Whitten, Merl Swift, Margarita Butts, Helen, Boynton.

Richard Crocker, Charles Manning, Raymond Penick, Henry McCullough, Dorothy Butts, Laural Swift, Josie Simon, Rhea Oppenheimer, Edna Bown, Margaurite Lusk, Sara Stanton.

Anna Whitten, Gail Hahn, Marie Boynton, Virginia Evans, Marie Bown, Edith Butts, Gladys McCullough, Ruth Yengel, Addie Swift.

Edward Butts, Kirk Jones, Orlo Householder, Paul Crocker.

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