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Happy birthday Father Lintner!

One of the pleasures of life at St. Andrew's is the fact that we are served by two wonderful priests --- the Rev. Sue Palmer, our vicar; and the Rev. Canon Richard Lintner, our rector emeritus, who drives down from Windsor Heights at least once a month to be with us.

On Sunday, Aug. 16, we were priviliged to have Fr. Lintner and his wife, Gloria (above), with us on his birthday and to do a little celebrating. Sherry Steinbach baked the birthday cake, the parish provided flowers and we all gave thanks for Fr. Lintner and his 55-plus years in the Episcopal priesthood.

We didn't ask exactly what birthday this was, but you can kind of work it out for yourself by knowing that he has been an Episcopal priest for 55-going-on-56 years and that he plans to attend his 65th high school class reunion in Michigan this coming week.

Speaking of birthdays, after eating Sherry's most excellent chocolate-cherry birthday cake, several of us gathered around our two oldest members, seated here in front. Marian Miller recently celebrated her 90th birthday and Jim Paulding, his 100th. Neither ever misses church!

From left to right behind them are Fred Steinbach, Sherry Steinbach, Fr. Lintner, Paula Coffey, Dru Thorne, Suzy Miller and Gloria Lintner.

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