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Small towns like Chariton would have a tough time surviving if it were not for all the volunteers who give their time and money to help. Tonight we had a roundtable discussion of the nonprofit organizations in Lucas County.  Some of the foundations who support those nonprofits were there as well. Those of us who represent nonprofit organizations found out how the foundations are run and the foundation representatives came away with a deeper understanding of what the nonprofits do. 

I like the grass roots way that so many of these organizations use to make this a better place.  Some of those nonprofits were: Interchurch Council (food bank), Chariton Chamber/Main Street, Circle of Life Hospice, Arts Council, Historical Society, Wellness Coalition, and Rotary.  It takes hundreds of volunteers in Lucas County to make all of this work.  That is what I love about small towns. 

I moved to Chariton from a small town in Wyoming.  We had a motto there that fits Chariton as well.  It was: Big enough to enjoy, Small enough to care. 

Deacon Fred

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