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Random Thoughts

Sherry and I took a trip to Iowa City Tuesday,  Yes, it was a trip to the University Hospital  to see an orthopedist about my bum leg.  The people we met were very nice and thorough.  Did they give me any answers? No.  So, I am going the route of home remedies.  I was given an interesting one yesterday and as soon as I get my hands on turmeric I will give it a try.  The great thing is that whatever it is I have does not appear to be killing me which means for you readers the blog will continue.

I have a cousin who is near death.  John has been in a nursing home for some time now and I have not seen him out of bed for weeks.  I read to him when I visit but I am not sure he hears me.  John is a good guy and when he goes I will really miss him.  Whenever I am leaving John's room he always calls out the same farewell. "See ya farther up the creek!"

Summer is just around the corner!  Our new patio umbrella arrived today and I just spoke to my cousin Kay and she has ordered our cherry trees.  That is the great thing about seasons.  Variety!

May God be with you,
Deacon Fred

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