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Doubting Thomas and the rest of us

We had an interesting discussion at Tuesday's bible study.  A lot of the discussion was about doubting Thomas which is part of the Gospel reading.  We pretty much came to the consensus that it was very human for Thomas to doubt the incredible story that Jesus had returned.... in the flesh.  It was totally outside of his experience.

 Belief is a tricky thing.  There are so many things I believe but have no proof, especially when it comes to spirituality.  Which means I could be wrong.  I remember when I was in the chaplaincy program at Methodist Hospital, I was attacked in group discussion because I said I was not sure about a lot of areas of theology.  Most of the people said they were sure God was like this or that.  One person was sure that God was not responsible for good or bad things that happen.  God was strictly a hands off kind of God. 

I said I don't have a brain big enough to understand God.  Finally, I threw the group a bone.  I told them I believed God was intimately involved in my life.  In tough times God was with me and nudging me where I needed to go.  In good times, God was there too.  I believe it but I can't prove it.

Deacon Fred

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