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Palm Sunday

Yesterday we had a wonderful Palm Sunday Service.  The service has such a rich tradition of processing into the church with palms and singing hymns.  Then of course there is the drama of the passion.  Everyone takes a part.  I was Judas...again.  We had twenty good souls at the service and Father Walker was our priest.  We also had a new family visit our church and I think they felt at home with us.  Our congregation does a good job of welcoming new people to the church.  I know every church says that but I honestly believe we do.  I have visited churches that were standoffish (probably not a word)  and I know how awkward that feels.  I hope we are never like that.

Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week.  Today I went to St. Paul's Cathedral for the Chrism Mass.  I will say more about it tomorrow.  Its bedtime and before I go to bed I need to meditate. 

Good night and pleasant dreams,
Deacon Fred

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