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Pleasant Tuesday

Today was a wonderful day.  Bible study hummed right along.  One of our members made his usual provocative (provoking) statements but we were absolutely unruffled. You know who you are! What would really get my attention would be if he said something mainstream. Oh Well. 

The funeral for John will be this Friday at the Roman Catholic Church.  I have been at too many of my relatives funerals there.  Steinbachs need to stop dying.

Tomorrow, Pastor Rich and I will meet and discuss the Thursday and Friday services for holy week.  It will be fun doing the services with Rich.  We have it pretty well set up for Maundy Thursday so it is just planning for Good Friday.  Tomorrow we will have the last stations of the cross.  Afterward we will have a simple meal of soup and bread. Come join us at 5:30.  It should be good.

Deacon Fred

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