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The Road to Hell is Hurry

As some of you know, I've been reading this book, The Life You've Always Wanted.  It is a book that makes me think.  I am at this point in the reading where it talks about the hurried pace of life.  He writes that we are always so busy moving on to the next thing that we actually are losing time instead of catching up on anything.  As an example, he theorizes that McDonalds became so successful not because the food was cheap or especially good but because it was fast.  Then "drive through" was invented so that you could eat the food inside your car while driving.  I believe we call it multi-tasking.  Think about it.  We don't even want to take the time to get out of our car to get food.

He recommends that we "must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives."  I think he is right.  We are so busy moving on to the next thing we take no pleasure in the thing we are experiencing right now.  In the words of Simon and Garfunkle, "Slow down you move too fast.  It's time to make the moment last."  Are you feeling groovy yet. 

We have one room in our house that has no clock.  In fact, some our rooms have three clocks.  The unclocked room is my meditation room.  I am keeping it that way.  I think I will go there now.

Peace and Good Night,
Deacon Fred

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