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I really enjoyed morning prayer this morning.  We are a small congregation and I think it really works to our favor.  Large congregations tend to form into smaller groups who have common interests and other similarities such as age.   St. Andrew's doesn't have that luxury.  We just live with each other's quirks.  In some ways we are more diverse.  Geezz, I just read this and I am sounding like a sociologist or anthropologist.

It was also my turn to provide a service for Northridge Assisted Living and Chariton Manor.  Hence, the above title.  The Chariton Manor people just wanted to sing and I didn't have any hymnals, but you know, they were so polite.  They have such good hearts.

Friday I went to the annual clergy retreat in Grinnell.  I attended a meeting titled ' a meeting of certain clergy' .  It made me wonder where the uncertain clergy were meeting .  I got a few things out of it but had hoped for more. Oh Well.

My ordination keeps getting closer and I think we are ready.  First, tomorrow, I have a spinal tap in Des Moines.  Pray for me.

Deacon Fred

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