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Children and Sermons

 We are watering the seeds we have just planted
I am talking to them about their spiritual garden and I'm pretty sure I lost Megan.
  What do you think?

I love to do children's sermons partly because I like talking to kids.  I never know which way the children's sermon is going to go.  Today I attempted to talk to them about the spirit and  I tried to make an analogy between caring for a garden and caring for your spirit.  My message was that you make sure a garden is taken care of by planting good seeds, fertilizing, watering and making sure it is weeded.  I told them it is important to take care of your soul as well by making sure you love God and others and praying.  I gave each child beans to plant and tend.  I think I may have been a little too abstract in the analogy of gardening the soul.

In my first career as a teacher of students with emotional disabilities  I would give each of my students a plant to take care of.  The students would get very protective of their plants.  I am not sure what was going on psychologically with them but their plants were very important to them.  Nurturing a plant is a good first step on the road to nurturing others.

Fr. Fred

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