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Of Gardens

In the dead of winter I begin fantasizing about next year's garden.  I long for the flavor of a red ripe tomato.  I look forward to the crisp sweet crunch of a hand picked apple or the sweet flavor of a fresh grape.  I plant my garden with great anticipation and wait for the magic of the garden's bounty to appear.  But, it doesn't work that way does it.  Weeds need pulled and hoed.  You sometimes need to water and you always need to be on the lookout for invaders like bugs or deer. 

Gardens can be work.  OK, now comes the analogy.  The soul is a lot like a garden.  It needs to be tended too.  My own personal spiritual garden has a lot of weeds in it.  I find that if I pull the weeds out while they are small they do a lot less damage than if I let them get big and thorny and troublesome. 

I am going to do some serious weeding in my garden today and maybe I will fertilize it with a combination of spiritual reading and meditation.

Fr. Fred

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