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Holy Ground

I just finished reading a sermon by Samuel Lloyd III which he gave at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.  The theme of the sermon was on the word holy.  This four letter word has a mystery about it doesn't it.  It is one of those words that we use a lot in the service but we do not really think about its meaning.  A simple definition of holy is to be set apart.  It does not mean set apart like putting something over here or there.  It is more about something that is set apart because of the awe and wonder of it.  In our service we sing the Sanctus.  Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty.  We are praising God and realizing that the mystery of God is set apart from all of us. 

There is certainly awe and majesty in the beautiful Christian cathedrals around the world.  I love to go to them and experience the feeling of wonder they inspire.  In the same way I go into our humble church building in Chariton and I am affected by feelings of wonder as well.  There is a meditative quality in these structures that is made even more powerful by the thousands who have worshiped on these sites.  They are truly holy ground.

The challenge for me is to remind myself of the awe and wonder all around us.  It could be the majesty of the ancient oak tree outside my window or the amazingly intricate web made by a spider in my attic.  God is all around us.  Everywhere we look there is holy ground.

Fr. Fred

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