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Why Are We Doing This

At the Recasting workshop we attended Saturday, a very interesting segment was a You Tube video by Simon Sinek.  He presented something called the golden circle.  It was a circle inside of a circle inside of another circle.  The center circle had the word Why. The second circle was How and the outer circle was What. 

He says in the video that companies that answer the question what and how regarding their products are not nearly as successful as companies that tell their customers why they make their products.  He uses Apple computers as an example.  Please check out the video. He is basically saying that Apple is telling people what they believe and customers relate to them because of it.

I think too often when we are asking people to come to church, we forget to tell them why we ourselves attend.  I am guilty as well.  I will try to correct that on Sunday.  It will relate to my belief system. 

I hope you can attend.  Just to remind you, our service is Sunday at 9:15 and we would love to see you there.

Fr. Fred

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