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Does It Matter???

I do my share of reading.   Some of it for pure pleasure and some to make me smarter and deeper.  I take wisdom from wherever it comes.  Last night I was watching Castle and there it was in a place I was not expecting. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this television show, I will give a brief summary of its storyline.  Castle is a novelist who writes crime fiction.  He somehow is linked to the New York police department and has a romantic relationship with a chief investigator.  He and the investigator go around solving crimes.  Nathan Fillion plays the rather shallow, slightly narcissistic  novelist and deep thoughts rarely come out of his mouth. 

Last night they did.  In this scene he was talking to his daughter and she was telling him that it seemed whatever she did, did not matter and she was about to give up.  He told her that what she does really matters.  He went on to say that everything we do matters.  The things we do affect everything else in the world at some incremental level. The effects of the things we do change the world.

There you have it brothers and sisters.  Each of us, as we move through life, changes the world whether we think we do or not.  Many years ago I was having a discussion with a school principal and he was telling me about a time when he was camping in the mountains.  It was a clear night and the sky was filled with stars.  He told me it was then that he realized how insignificant he was.  I told him I disagreed.  I countered that everything he does has a ripple effect that changes the lives of everyone around him.  I 'got' what he was saying but I still felt it was important to point out the impact he was making on his world.

So, lets go out there and do things that matter!

Fr. Fred

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