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Christmas Preparation

Santa With the Flu

It is Monday and Christmas is this Thursday (like you did not know that).  We had a very nice service yesterday and the same is true for Grace church in Albia.  The Clark family is down with the flu and that of course leaves a big hole in our church attendance.  The country is being warned that this flu season (why do we call it a season) will be a whopper.  Apparently the medical community did not prepare a vaccine for the strain that is taking us all out. 

I got an email from my cousin Darlene.  She is down with the flu and I mean DOWN with the flu.  She tells me she is a wee better today.  Her brother died last week and I gave her my condolences.  He was a nice man whom I only met once.  I was visiting the nursing home and met him in the community room.  Normal conversation was difficult for him because of his disability but we were able to communicate.  I really enjoyed being around him.  I am truly sorry he passed. 

Sherry and I are going shopping in Des Moines today.  It sounds crazy but I'm in.  We'll see how it goes.

Fr. Fred

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