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If it's Tuesday it's bible study

Every Tuesday morning at 10:30 we meet for bible study.  The meeting today was especially good because we had a new person in our midst.  Reverend Dwight Dubois, who is the interim minister at First Lutheran joined us for the first time.  We have a nice mix of people, some Episcopalian and some Lutheran.  Our group has been meeting now for years and we have gotten to know each other well.  I look forward to our discussions and I sort of like it when we stray from the path.  Today, near the end of bible study we started talking about race relations.  It was not a heated discussion but it was lively and I would like to think the discussion made us think about our own beliefs and possible prejudices.

This afternoon I met again with a couple who are getting married in two weeks.  I am sure they are absorbed in planning and worrying over the details.  I told them that no matter how things go or don't go, at the end of the ceremony they will be married.

Tonight we have a meeting of the interchurch council at St. Andrew's.  They meet here about once a year.  I will start things out with a brief meditation and prayer.  I am also on the agenda to discuss the chaplaincy program.  We are probably two meetings away from beginning the program.  Visiting the sick is one of the big five in Matthew 25 and I am so pleased we will have a program in place.

Fr. Fred  

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