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Movie Stars and Inspiration

I was watching television with Sherry tonight and a documentary of a war hero, or maybe just a hero was playing.  He had endured so much in his 97 years that a book was written about him titled Unbroken.  Now a movie is being made with the same title and it is being directed by Angelina Jolie.  What got me off the couch and to the computer is something Angelina Jolie said.  She was being interviewed by Tom Brokaw and she was explaining to him why she was making this movie.  She said she wanted to do something important in her life.  She wanted to make a difference.

And I thought, "so do I"  I often feel that so much of my life is pretty much wasted.  In this whole vast expanse of eternity we are allowed a tiny blip on the screen of time.  I have so much talent, so much potential to make that difference in the lives of others and I choose to spend it on things that can only be considered trivial. 

I have been given a heavy reality wake up call lately regarding my mortality.  I have been diagnosed with MS and I need to use a cane to get around.  I think God is telling me that I better get serious about making a difference in the world if I am really serious about it. 

Angelina Jolie has no idea that she inspired me tonight.  She has no idea of the ripple effect that she created when she spoke in that interview.  I think very few of us know how much impact, both good and bad, we have on each other and how we do affect the world. 

I will stop rambling and go to bed.

Have a blessed Advent,
Fr. Fred

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