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New Toy

Jan. 15, 2015
I got a new toy for Christmas.  It is a tablet and I have been putting all of these new apps on it.  I have enjoyed the chess app.  I haven't played chess in years so it has been fun getting back into it.  If I put the game on level one I can sometimes win which is a huge ego rush for me.

I found a bible app today that I am pretty enthused about.  I can pick the translation I want and even have it read to me while I do other stuff.  I listened to the Book of Daniel today and  who knows what I will listen to tomorrow.  The old testament has always been a struggle for me.  It can get pretty barbaric. 

I was watching a clip from a Bill Maher show the other day.  He is convinced that anyone who is not an atheist is an idiot.  In this clip he was haranguing this poor guy who was promoting a book he had written on Christianity. Maher would attack such topics as the flood and Adam and Eve etc.  The guy who had written the book could barely get a word in edgewise. It was like Maher was a sniper taking his shots at any facet of Christianity that looked weak or needed more than a four word explanation because that is about how many words the guy could get in before Mahr took another shot.

I still have that clip in my head days after watching it and I continue to have this one sided argument with Bill.  Oh, well.  Let it go.

Fr. Fred

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