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Response to "My Problem with the Bible"

Someone wrote a wonderful short essay in the Episcopal Café.  It was titled "My Problem With the Bible" He/She ended the essay with this:  I'm a citizen of a super power.  I was born among the conquerors.  I live in the empire.  But, I want to read the bible and think it is talking to me.  This is a problem."

I suppose the "easy" solution to this person's problem is to give up everything and live on the streets.  When I read the bible it helps me build a sense of empathy for the downtrodden and stirs within me a call to action to do something about it.  It brings to my mind the saying, "think globally, act locally."  All of us can act in some small local way to affect change for the better for those who are the least of Gods children.

Fr. Fred

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