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Stations of the Cross

Nick reading at the second station.

Every Wednesday at 5:30 at St. Andrew's we do the stations of the cross.  The service is very powerful and moving.  For those of you who have never done the stations, let me give you a brief description.  There are fourteen stations with a picture of each station placed around the church chapel. The pictures represent the last events leading up to Jesus crucifixion and burial in the tomb.  We each take turns leading a station including children who can read.  The liturgy for the readings comes from Isaiah, Psalms, and John.  As we read for each station I can see in my mind's eye each event and I am frequently brought to tears. 

You might ask yourself, why would you want to do this.  It is so sad.  I guess I do it because I think it is important to keep in mind the sacrifice Jesus made for us.  So, I invite you to carve out thirty minutes from your busy day and join us this Wednesday.

Fr. Fred

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