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The Final Lent Stretch

This is the fifth week in Lent.  During the fourth week I had a terrible cold so not much posting got done.  Just a lot of coughing.  I'm a little better now.  What got me through my cold was Christian Brothers honey flavored brandy.  I was given a hip flask at my ordination and I never used it until last week.  Whenever I would start a coughing fit I would take a nip of brandy from the flask and the coughing would stop.  It was a miraculous treatment!

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and instead of one of my stellar sermons we will read the passion.  I cannot remember the part I got.  Usually I am Judas but Frank generously relieved me of that part this year.  I look forward to the ceremony of the palms.  When I was a kid my brother and I would sword fight with the palms.  Now that my brother is gone I have no one to sword fight. It really is a wonderful ceremony and it brings home the passion of Holy Week.  If you can come we would love to have you.  Services are at 9:15 and we always have treats afterward.

Fr. Fred

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