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Thursday was my birthday and as I get older I seem to spend more time reflecting on the past.  It is a good thing... I think.  Life can be a rocky road and in my reflection I remember stumbling over a rock or two.  The key for me is to not dwell on those times I have stumbled but to pick my self up and carry on.

On a similar note, I was working at the Ministry Center yesterday and a man and his son came in for food from our food bank.  I introduced myself and the little boy piped up, "My name is Billy and I am six!"  I responded with, "My name is Fred and I just turned sixty six!"  We laughed.

I had a visitor to the church a few days ago.  He was from one of the larger churches in town and he came to drop off a flier for a program they were offering.  I talked to him for quite a while and the deeper we got into our conversation the more I realized why I am an Episcopalian.  I can't exactly pinpoint any one thing that was said but I guess it was his black and white approach to Christianity.  I see a lot of gray in my life and our denomination allows for that. 

Tomorrow is Sunday and I go to Grace Church in Albia as well as St. Andrew's here in Chariton.  It makes for a very full day and that's a good thing.

Fr. Fred

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