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Sherry and I have relatives visiting us today and tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it.  They are a great couple and so much fun to be around.  It is interesting that I really first met them six years ago. They are a part of our family that we had been distanced from for too long.

This is my week to visit the patients at our local hospital as part of the interchurch ministries chaplaincy program.  I look forward to visiting the patients on a daily basis.  It is an important part of the ministry Jesus outlined for us in Matthew 25. 

In my discussion with the patients we spent some time talking about family.  One patient had no blood relatives living in the area but that doesn't me he didn't have family.  He talked about a very close friend who was a major part of his life and that was his family. 

I think too often when we talk about family we refer to the family unit.  Family is much more than that.  I have a church family that is very dear to me.  I have a close healthy relationship with them.  What I am saying is family is how you define it.  It is all 'relative'.

Fr. Fred

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