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Soooo Busy!

My Airwheel

The days seem to pass so quickly.  I have a very busy life and yet I cannot pin down what it is that consumes my time.  Let me just recount how my day has gone so far.  I woke up at around seven this morning, got my coffee and began reading the paper.  Sherry left for work in Albia which left me without a car.  I drank my coffee a little too quickly and began to cough.   The cough became chronic so I decided the only cure would be a sliver of the apple  pie I made a few days ago.  The coughing stopped and I returned to reading the paper.  There was something wrong.  I could not find the comics.  The paper mistakenly gave us a double dose of USA Today but no comics.  I decided this was a bad omen and the only cure would be to return to bed.  I didn't though.  I was to meet a friend at the hospital cafeteria in an hour so I stayed up and did some chores I had been putting off.  When it came near to the time I was to meet my friend, I got on my Airwheel and rolled over to the hospital.  I really like my Airwheel because it gives me so much more mobility.  My friend and I talked for over an hour about her life, my life and life in general.  Near the end of our conversation I invited her to our services and I think in a couple of weeks she will make it.  She is a good friend.

I returned home and took a brief rest and then made a few necessary phone calls.  I called a friend to ask for a ride to the library board meeting.  I got a call from the air conditioning service company about a service contract with the library.  I then called another friend who is also in Rotary about a financial matter.  He and I talked for about twenty minutes about all kinds of stuff.  I had a piece of cold pizza for lunch and then came down to the church to go over next Sunday's sermon.  I haven't looked at the sermon yet because I am doing this.  It is 2:30.  I have the library board meeting at five so I had better stop this and do that.

Fr. Fred

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