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I attended PINTS on Thursday.  I couldn't remember what the acronym stands for so I went to our facebook site.  The site states that PINTS is designed to give peer learning and support for priests in situations that are new and or transitional in the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa.

It is a good group of people and when we meet I always feel like I walk away with new ideas for my ministry.  Bishop Scarfe came to this last meeting and shared with us some information he had gotten from a conference he had attended.  I took notes and then forgot to take them home with me but here is what I remember.  Bishop Scarfe gave us characteristics of what a healthy church looks like.  I remember checking off in my head if St. Andrew's fit in the healthy or unhealthy category.  I am pleased to report that we are in large part very healthy.

I'll drink to that.  Maybe I'll have a pint!

Fr. Fred

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