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Utter Despair

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The world has been gripped by the tragedy of those murdered in Orlando.  It seems like gun violence is everywhere.  I try to make uplifting statements in this blog but frankly I am so sad.  This is not only a time for prayer, it is a time to act.  Yes, hearts need to change but laws also need to change.  Assault weapons serve no purpose but to kill large numbers of humans very quickly.  That is why they are called assault weapons.  We also need to do all we can to see that the mentally ill get treatment and that they be returned to a state of mental health.  Each of us need to keep the memory of this tragic slaughter of innocent people alive along with the other all too similar events in our past. We owe it to those who were senselessly murdered to do something about it. Let your governmental leaders know your feelings. And Vote.

Fr. Fred

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