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Angels Among Us

I have been reading a book titled,  Proof of Angels by Tyler Beddoes.  I am up to around page 50 and I have yet to see any actual empirical proof.  The author writes about a highly publicized incident of a fatal car accident where a woman drove off the road and her car landed upside down in water.  The woman perished but her infant child survived and was in the back hanging until the rescue workers got the child out of the car seat.  The rescue workers kept hearing a woman's voice encouraging them to hurry.  It is a fascinating story although there is really no way to prove what took place was the voice of a spirit.

That does not mean I don't believe in angels.  I do, and I have my own experience I would like to share with you.

I was a junior in college.  I had been sick for a while and I went to the college clinic with a very sore throat.  The doctor gave me penicillin in tablet form and told me to take one every six hours.  I took one tablet when I returned to my dorm room and within an hour I started breaking out in hives.  I didn't think much of it although after several hours I started to worry.  By midnight I was completely covered with hives and they didn't just itch, they hurt, a lot.

I somehow survived the night but by morning I was a complete mess.  I somehow got back to the clinic,  knocked on the door until a nurse let me in.  She put me in one of the infirmary beds and told me the doctor would be arriving in an hour.  When he got there he gave me a shot of insulin, told me that should fix it and put me back to bed.  For some reason the shot put me to sleep but not for long.  I woke up in pain with no evidence that the shot had helped. 

The doctor came in again, gave me another shot and said that was the last thing he could do.  I was sent back to bed.  I fell asleep again and this time I had a dream.  At the foot of my bed stood an angel, dressed in white. The angel looked at me and said, "you are going to be OK."  Then the angel disappeared, I woke up and the pain was completely gone.  I still had some hives but that was it. 

I believe it was my guardian angel.  Some might say this angel was the result of wildly firing synapses but I don't think so.  I believe that in times of crisis the spirit world reaches out to us. 

I have felt a presence at different times over the years and I believe angels do what they can.  I don't understand how the whole cosmology of angels and demons and God works.  I just know I was grateful for my guardian angel that morning so many years ago.

Fr. Fred

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