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Memorial Day Reflections

Memorial Day Reflections
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Yesterday I went to the city cemetery to visit my mother's family graves.  There are three graves in the family plot and two flags had been placed there.  One was over my grandfather Ira's grave because in fought in the Spanish American War and one was placed over my uncle Mahlon's grave because he fought and died in WWII.  I often think of these two men, especially uncle Mahlon, even though I never met either of them.  They both passed away before I was born.

I have no picture of my grandfather Ira and only one of my uncle Mahlon.  In the photo of uncle Mahlon, he is wearing his army uniform standing next to my grandmother in front of the family home.  Grandma looked younger than I had ever seen her and they were both smiling, unaware that in a few years Mahlon's life would be cut short.

I will visit the Steinbach family plot today and place flowers on their graves.  There are many more of them including my grandparents, parents, two brothers and a sister.  I often think about my family members who have passed and sometimes they are in my dreams.  

Gone but not forgotten, all of them.

Fr. Fred

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