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Understanding Others

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I got a call yesterday from a lady in Waterloo, IA.  Actually, I had made an overture to her a few days earlier.  I had heard through the Episcopal grape vine that she gave talks to groups about understanding Islam and the Muslim culture.  I am a priest in a small Iowa town and we have limited exposure to people of other faiths and she has volunteered to come to Chariton and talk to us about her faith and culture.  I believe the more we understand each other the better the chances for us to get along.

I will present this idea to the Inter-church Council and ask them to encourage their congregants to attend the talk.  There is always a risk that someone may come to disrupt her presentation but I believe it is worth that risk.  I am thinking of asking those in attendance to write down some questions they might have in advance so that she will have a chance to think about how she will respond.

I will let you know how it goes.

Fr. Fred

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