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Hungry People

It is two days after Christmas and I just spent my morning volunteering at our local food bank.  Yes, there are still hungry people in Iowa, America's breadbasket.  I work as a counselor which means people come to me before their food is boxed up and I fill out the paper work.  They share with me their stories and I listen.  I would like to think that listening helps in some small way to deal with whatever has happened to put them in this situation.  Several people came in today who were there for the first time.  It is not an easy thing to ask for help, and I make sure to let them know that we care about each one of them and that I will keep them in our prayers.

We are so fortunate to live in Chariton which has the Hy-Vee food stores distribution center.  We receive a lot of food that for one reason or another will not be placed on their shelves.  They also donate the left over bread from their bakery.  We participate in Pizza Hut's Second Harvest program.  Twice a week we pick up the pizza left over from their noon buffet.  We freeze it and then distribute it on the days the pantry is open.

Did I mention we are always looking for volunteers!

Deacon Fred

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