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New Years Eve

Wo Hoo!  In two and a half hours it will be a brand new year. So, how will the next year be different from the last?  What will I resolve to do differently.  I Know!  I will be less bashful in inviting people to church.  The way I see it, its a way to show people that I love and care about them.  That's number two of the big two commandments.  Love your neighbor.

I think about thirty some years ago when this minister in Wyoming invited me to come to the Episcopal church the next Sunday and I went because I liked the guy.  And.....I never stopped going.  It changed my life.  So there you have it.  I will invite people to come and see and maybe they will.  Maybe they won't.  At least the invitation will have been given.

On another note, Marian's visitation will be at Fielding Funeral Home from 6:30 to 9:00 P.M. this Thursday.  The funeral will be at St. Andrew's at 10:30 A.M. on Friday.  She was/is truly a great soul and I look forward to sharing memories of her with the other people in her life who hold her so dear.

Deacon Fred

P.S.  All of you who are reading this are invited to come to our service this Sunday at 9:15 A.M.  I assure you that you will feel welcome!

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