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I was looking over the gospel reading for next Sunday.  You know the one.  The wise men visit the baby Jesus and decide it would be better to not go back to Herod and share Jesus and his families location with him.  It took bravery to not do something that a powerful man like Herod wanted them to do.

I also just finished watching The Help.  I know it is a novel made into a movie but I believe there is an element of truth in many of the circumstances that were portrayed in the film.  I especially like the scene where the people in their church surprised the two maids with a copy of the book signed by everyone in the congregation.  I would like to think that kind of scene would happen at St. Andrew's too. 

Jesus taught us in his parables and in his life that having the courage to protect those in need was simply the right thing to do. It was loving God's creation.  Looking at these words on the screen of my laptop make them seem so simple.  But it isn't is it?  Our egos get in the way too often.  Factors like:  What will people think of me.  This will be out of my way and I don't have the time to help.  Is this in my best interest?  They all are our ego getting in the way of doing what is right.

I love life and I love the people around me.  The more I think of them and the less I think of myself the more that love grows.  It is God's gift.

Good night,
Deacon Fred

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