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We celebrated a life today at St. Andrews.  Marian lived a long life to the age of 93, but is wasn't so much how long she lived but how she lived.  At our full church there were so many testimonials reflecting the warmth, kindness and love that she showed to all the people she met.  There was tragedy and loss in her life just as there is for all of us.  These experiences in no way diminished her love for life. 

There were tears shed as there always seem to be at funeral services, because we feel a sense of loss when someone so special to us dies.  There was one member of the family who came to me afterwards and said it was hard for him to grieve because Marian had lived such a long and fruitful life.  I am sure tears will come to him but he is right. Death was not a bad thing for Marian. It was simply a necessary step for her loving soul to reach God's Kingdom.

Deacon Fred

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