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Bible Study

We have bible study every Tuesday at 10:30 and here is what we do.  Someone makes coffee and someone brings treats.  On a typical day we read what will be the lectionary readings for the next Sunday and then we read a study tool called Synthesis CE.  Synthesis CE  has maybe a five or ten minute interpretation of the readings.  It then has a series of questions that we address.  They are higher level questions that are in many ways open ended and are very good at promoting discussion.  We usually have a group of six or seven of us and I really enjoy it.  We are a mix of ELCA Lutherans and Episcopalians.  There is a lot of free thinking that goes on at these bible studies  and I guess what I like best is that nobody tells us what to think.  That's the Episcopalian in me.

I had to go to Osceola this afternoon and as I was entering the square I saw a guy holding up a wooden cross.  He was wearing a ski mask and heavy coat because it was really cold and the wind was hitting about thirty miles an hour. A cardboard sign was anchored to the back of his vehicle that read repent.  As I watched him I wondered if anyone was repenting because of him.  Then I thought, "repenting from what."

In our study today we talked about John the Baptist and how his baptizing focused on repentance.  I wonder if John the Baptist would be like that guy if he was alive today.  I don't know.

Deacon Fred

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