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St. Andrews Evening Prayer

We gather as a small group at St. Andrews on Wednesdays for evening prayer.  I always feel refreshed by evening prayer.  It has a sameness that is comforting to me.  It is like settling into a comfortable well worn chair with a hot cup of black coffee and the morning paper. Only it's at night. There are usually four of us sitting in a circle (one fewer tonight) and we take turns with the readings.  Tonight's reading was dedicated to Hillary (not that Hillary).  He was an ancient bishop around the year 300.  He resisted the overtures by the Arians and remained true to the faith. I won't explain the Arians because it would take too much time.  I will just say they were considered heretical in Hillary's day.

I plan on visiting with a few of our parishioners tomorrow and maybe I will ask one of them who is new to the flock if she would like to be a reader on Sundays.  I will also be visiting a cousin who is at the local hospice.  He is a nice guy who was very close to my dad.  He was born in 1914 and since this is 2014 he is cruising in on turning 100. He has a very sharp memory and he likes to tell me stories of the family.  He recently told me a story about how he would walk to the city library when he was a little boy.  His school was being built and they were holding classes there.  He said he remembered walking by the Charitone Hotel as it was under construction. A group of our community leaders are currently in the process of restoring the old hotel.  Maybe they could work on my cousin next.

Deacon Fred

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