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Spiritual Relationship

I just received a call from Fr. Walker, whose mother passed away this week.  He will be returning from Pennsylvania on Saturday and will come to Chariton to do the service on Sunday.  He, of course, is grieving the loss of his mother and I ask that you keep him and his family in your prayers.

I had started writing a sermon for this Sunday in case he would be unable to return so I will share some of my thoughts with you, dear readers.  The gospel reading is about Jesus first encounter with Andrew and Peter and his invitation for them to "come and see."

That was their call. The other readings are about the "call" as well.  In the world of religion we think of the call as being chosen for a role as clergy but I would like to expand on that.  I think all of us who are Christians are called to be disciples of Christ and as disciple's we are invited into a relationship with God.  It is a very personal relationship and one that guides us in all that we do. 

In my quiet moments of meditation I feel how deep that relationship can become.  God makes his presence known so intensely that I am consumed by a sense of eternity.  It is as if every cell in my body is being directed toward God.  I feel like I never want to leave this presence and yet it is like a light that is so strong that my body can only bare so much of it.  I never want to leave and I cannot stay at the same time.

Good Night
Deacon Fred

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