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Our church, St. Andrews Episcopal, had its beginning in the 1860's  The people who attended were the movers and shakers of Chariton.  Our church is smaller now but the people who attend also do their share of moving and shaking in this small southern Iowa community.   Those who follow us will likely do the same. 

When I think about our little church's future I sometimes end up thinking about eternity.  Eternity has no limit, no end, and it would seem logical that eternity would stretch in the other way and have no beginning.  That would be the nature of eternal.  When I meditate I often think about the expansiveness of all of this.  How can it be?  And, how can it not be?  In this brief life I have only known things that had beginnings and things that had or will end.

If we have souls that will have no end then those souls had to have come from somewhere.  The source of that somewhere must be the eternal God.  A thread of the eternal God must be a part of us as well.  Much as I would like to think that the concept of God and eternity can be thought through in some sort of logical way, I always come to the same conclusion.  It cannot be least not with my simple brain.

However, I think we can feel eternity.  When I sit in a quiet place and calm my restless mind, I feel as though eternity touches me. It is like I am consumed by this eternal ocean and I become part of it.  It is so brief an experience and it seems very real.

Deacon Fred

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