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The Call

Last winter I took a course at Seabury from Reverend Frank Griswold.  It was called Praying Shapes Believing.  We had wonderful conversations in that course and when it was over I had no doubt that I was being called to the priesthood.

One thing that Rev. Griswold (he wanted to be called Frank) told us was that he believed people become clergy because they need to be.  I didn't really get it when he said it.  Now I think I get it.  Becoming part of the clergy gives me a structure that I need in my spiritual life.  Expectations have been raised a notch not only by me but also by others.  The thing is that this new framework I find myself in is a good fit.  I love it.  I feel like I am home.

Deacon Fred
We will have bible study at 10:30 tomorrow.  I lasts a little over an hour and we always have a good discussion with a healthy dose of laughter.  To make it even more tempting, there will be treats.

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