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Twelve Steps

I met today with the leader of a twelve step program that meets regularly at St. Andrews.  He and I had met once or twice before.  He is a very nice man with a family.  I think it is always a good idea to meet occasionally just to keep communication going.  We talked about a lot of things ranging from keeping the coffee safe (really, we did) to our mission as a church and theirs as a program.  I invited him and his group to come to our service and he invited me to his meetings.  One of the things in our discussion that struck me was this:

Joe (we'll call him that):  I hope you don't mind but once in a while I take one our members to the alter area of our church and I have him look up at the cross in there.  Sometimes I think he needs reminded what true sacrifice is.

Me: (said with enthusiasm) You are welcome to do this anytime.  And remember, you are also invited to our services every Sunday at 9:15.  Do you have a church your family attends?

Joe: (still calling him that) (he looked down at the floor)  We have a church we go to.  I don't think much of the way they see things but my wife likes it because they have a good program for our kids.

Me:  We are working on that and I have some ideas.  Young people are the heart of a church and it is good your wife wants them involved.  Maybe when I get some of these ideas off the ground you might be interested.

I know our conversation hit a lot of topics but I would like to say more about the fact that he took this errant member and had him look at the cross and what it represents.  People with addictive personalities do have a cross to bear.  We all do.  We all do.  (I repeat this on purpose)  What we need to keep  in mind is that Jesus sacrificed for us and he did not have to.  He chose to.

Deacon Fred

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