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So Many Rules!

I just finished watching the new season episode of Downton Abbey and it just amazes me what a tangled web of rules and protocol they wove back then.  I suppose it was something that seemed quite natural at least to those in the upper class. We have our own set of rules today in our culture but I suppose when you live in the thick of it, it does not seem all that complicated.  Things change very gradually most of the time.  Its kind of like getting older.  It just sneaks up on you.

When I first started teaching it was common for male teachers to wear a tie.  Now it is rare.

Oh well.  It is late.  The wind is blowing and it is - 7 degrees.  Time for bed.  Before I go to bed tonight I will read some of Lancelot Andrews prayers, and then meditate.  Patterns and rituals can be a very good thing in our lives.  It's part of the divine dance.

Deacon Fred

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