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There was a conversation that took place before the service last Sunday regarding communion.  We had a family of six visit us for the first time and our supply priest told them about our communion and asked if they had been baptized.  In the Episcopal church baptized Christians are invited to share in communion.  Only one of them was baptized so they did not take communion.  Our priest told these good people that there is a move afoot to invite everyone to the table but it has not happened yet.

Allow me to weigh in on this.  You have heard the phrase, "what would Jesus do?"  I don't believe that is the question here.  It should really be, "what did Jesus do?"  He took in those who were often rejected by society.  He even shared his meals with known sinners.  People just like you and me.  I have no doubt he would have happily shared a meal with those six people who visited his church.

Deacon Fred

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