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God's Hand

I have a relative who is also a very close friend.  Several years ago she and I were talking about some recent event in her life and I remarked that God was surely watching over her when it took place.  I apologize for being so vague but I honestly cannot remember the specifics of the event.  What I do remember was her response to my comment.  She said God was far to busy to be concerned with the incidentals of her life.  He had more important things to do.  I disagreed. 

God is God.  Nothing is too small of a concern or to large for someone who created a universe with all of its intricacies.  I see God's hand in so many things that have happened in my life.  Yes, there are bad things that happen in this world and I do not understand why they occur.  Sometimes those bad things happen to me but I do believe God is with me during those times as well.  God is by my side lifting me up and helping me on life's journey.

Deacon Fred

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