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Patterns and Rhythms

When people find out that I practice yogic meditation they frequently ask me to teach them how it is done.  I always do and I am always hesitant.  Learning to meditate is work and not nearly as glamorous as advertised.  I think many people begin serious meditation because there is something in their life that is going off the rails and yoga helps them become more stable.  That is how it was for me.  I spent my first days and weeks practicing what I had been taught with very little to show for it.  And then incrementally things began to happen.  Now, forty years after that first time I closed my eyes and turned inward I can honestly say that the decision to stay the course and pursue this spiritual practice changed my life and kept me on those rails.

What is so important in any spiritual pursuit is that you find a time and a place in your day when you sit down, close your eyes, calm your mind and let God enter.  Your life will fall into a rhythm and you will look forward to that time of day when you sit down, reach out, and feel God's presence.

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