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The Last of the Tribe

My cousin John Steinbach died today.  John was a lifelong resident of Lucas County.  He was a good friend as well as a relative and sometimes those two don't always go together.  My father was the best man at John's wedding many years ago and I have been around John all my life.  I was told that when John and my dad were school age they were a challenge to their teachers.  So much so that my dad was sent to boarding school at Dowling because when the boys were together they often got in trouble.  There was always a friendly competitiveness between the two of them and when my dad passed away five years ago John picked up a new saying, "I've out lived the whole tribe" he would say.  One day, after hearing him say it for the umpteenth time I said to him, "John, when you finally do die and go to heaven they're going to ask you what took you so long!"  Recently, whenever I was about to leave he would say, "see you further on up the creek!"  So John, I guess I'll see you up that creek someday.

I missed the service this morning because Barb and I were at John's bedside.  My wonderful wife Sherry led the service and read my sermon for me.  I wish I could have seen it.  Maybe not.  It would have probably proved to me that I am easy to replace.

Good Night and Peace,
Deacon Fred

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