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Yesterday and Today

Tuesday was such a delightful day.  Our bible study was really enjoyable.  Our group has been together so long that we are almost like a married couple, knowing what each other is about to say even before the person knows it.  There is a kind of comfort in that.  The gospel reading was on Lazarus and we talked about the characters in the story and what they must have been like.  I shared a novel I had read by Nikos Kazantzakis.  In his story, after Lazarus was raised from the dead, people had a difficult time being near him because he was never quite able to get rid of the smell of death. (I almost erased this part..and then didn't) 

We also had an inter-church council meeting last night.  They can be very somber events but this one had a lot of laughter.  And....we accomplished a lot.

Today, I am a little down.  My cousin John is dying and he probably will not make it through the week.  There is always a heartfelt sadness when someone I have grown close to dies.  I will miss John.  I was saving a bottle of wine from the old country for John's hundredth birthday in October.  I will make sure to open it on that day in October and raise a glass to him.

In a few hours we will have the stations of the cross at the church.  It is always so moving.

Deacon Fred

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