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Mother's Day and Flowers

It was a fun service today.  All of the ladies in the church were given flowers for mother's day and it was a joy to see the smiles on the faces of the children as they gave out the flowers.  Of course the ladies had big smiles as well. 

Days like this always bring back memories of my own mother.  I know she tried so hard to make life better for our family but finally mental illness got the best of her.  She died when I was eighteen.  When mom died I became really angry because it didn't seem fair that she would leave this world so tragically.  It was something I had trouble letting go of.  I remember, several years after mom died I had a very vivid dream about her.  I do not remember the setting of the dream.  I do remember seeing her a short distance away.  We walked over to each other and we hugged.  There were no words.  Just a long heartfelt hug.  Then I woke up.  That dream was a turning point for me. Somehow, mom and I reconciled that night even though no words were spoken.


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