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Thoughts on sheep and shepherd

Our bible study today was on John 10:1-10.  Jesus refers to himself as the shepherd and his followers as sheep.  It was an analogy that was very good for the people of his time and culture.  Iowa isn't sheep country so it probably was more of a stretch for us.  Cattle I understand but sheep I don't.  My dad always said he would never raise sheep because they were too stupid.  Maybe they are. I don't know. 

I like the idea of being protected by the shepherd.  So, how does Jesus protect me as one of his sheep.  I think I am protected by his guidance through his teachings.  By staying true to his teaching I am better able keep my moral compass from going south. (no reflection on southerners) 

When I spend time with the rest of our flock I feel protected as well.  There is comfort in being with people who are on the same path as me.  Followers of The Way.

Deacon Fred

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