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I did two services yesterday.  One service was here in Chariton and the other at Grace church in Albia.  I really enjoy both congregations.  The real surprise was that we had two new faces at Grace.  One of the women said she had attended when Sue was the priest and at the end of the service she said she was looking forward to coming back.  I really hope she does.

The other lady said she was trying out different churches and she told Sherry afterwards that the service was very different from what she was used to.  This was on a day when we didn't even handle poisonous snakes!  Maybe she will come again.

We are continuing to prepare for my ordination on the 6th.  I received a call from Fr. Lintner and he said that baring foul weather or ill health he plans on attending.  He is such a hoot.  I really love the guy.

Good Night,
Deacon Fred

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