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Good News

Yes, the new pitched roof at the ministry center is nearly complete and I have to say it looks pretty good.  We have a lot of food stored there for the food bank and it is a comfort to know that there will be no drip, drip, drip going on during our frequent rainstorms.  Here is a picture of what it looked like before the roof.  I will post the after picture when it is finished.

It strikes me that we spend so much time on things in life that really are not that important.  I watch mindless television.  I read pointless mystery stories.  I worry over things that really seem to hold no importance on a larger scale.

And then...I think that maybe everything matters.  Everything that happens effects everything else.  When I taught high school I would have students who frequently messed up.  I would sit down with them and have them fill out a ripple chart.  This chart was an attempt to have them understand how their actions had a ripple effect on so many levels with so many people.  It was a real eye opener for many of those students.  Maybe I should fill one out for me too.  Both good and bad.

Good Night
Deacon Fred

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